torsdag 19 februari 2015

The Magpie And Starling FINAL

The Magpie And Starling

     Well now after some experimenting (wich will lead to other flies in the future) I've decided how I want my Magpie And Starling to look and behave. My intentions were to design a fly that could be fished either as a dry, emerger or wet fly. This summer will tell if it will be a successful pattern. Either way I like to tie it. The tying instructions are as follows:


L4A Captain Hamilton Featherweight Dry Fly Down Eye #14


Pearsall's Gossamer color Cardinal


Purple starling feather (each starling skin has some in a good size)

Tail and body:        

Magpie secondary wing feather (the iridescent blue part) 4 fibres

     This hook has been one of my favourite hooks since the early 80'ties. Sadly I don't have so many left, and they aren't produced anymore, so if someone knows where to find some I'd really appreciate to hear about it.

Kind regards,
Mats Olsson


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