onsdag 6 november 2013

My Favourite Fly Fishing Hot Spots - Part Three

A Lovely Pool in Andån

Copyright Mats Olsson - All Rights Reserved
          This is a pool in "Andån" with might be translated to "the duck stream". Why I'm not really sure of. Anyway in this very pool, the summer of 1981, I experienced something that I haven't not before this time nor after. It was an extremely hot summer in Sweden that year and also where I grew up in Bollnäs Hälsingland.

          The photo above was taken the 26:th of Juli 2013 and as you can see the water level is very low. I don't think that it's just a result of this warm summer but also the fact that there has been a deforestation nearby. Trees hold water and if you cut them down the water subsequently resides. When I fished there the water level was about 4-6 inches higher.

Copyright Mats Olsson - All Rights Reserved
          As seen in the picture above the trout was actually surface feeding (not a good photo but I think it belongs there anyway).

Have fun fishing your own HOT SPOTS or welcome to mine,
Mats Olsson