torsdag 30 augusti 2012

Interesting, useful and probably (at least hopefully) successful flies.


          This fly and the way to tie it was first mentioned for over 200 years ago. It's mentioned in the “List of Wharfedale Flies 1807”. It says there: “No. 2: Little Black: This is a small black fly, either winged or hackled. It is winged from a quill feather of a Black Bird and leg it with a Starling feather. Take this feather from the neck. It must be made with purple silk. Herled at the head with a Magpie tail feather only two turns or the feather and lapped down the body with black Ostrich feather only one turn. When a hackle it does without wings.” As you see I've opted for the wingless variant of this fly. This is my first and only Little Black so far and I haven't been able to test it but I think it will do well.

List of materials needed:
I've used a Tiemco 2499SP-BL size #18
Purple gossamer thread waxed with cobblers wax
Black ostrich herl
Starling neck feather
Magpie tail feather

          Since it was described in writing 1807 I guess it was successful at that time and I'm sure that it is today even if I haven't tried it yet. I would be delighted if someone likes it, tries it out and can give me some feedback on it.

As always have fun fly fishing,