lördag 27 juli 2013

My Favourite Fly Fishing Hot Spots - Part Two

A Hot Spot In Ljusnan Near Bollnäs
Copyright Mats Olsson - All Rights Reserved

Copyright Mats Olsson - All Rights Reserved

          As seen on the last picture it's easy to walk out on a low cement foundation found here. Upstreams as seen in the first picture large brown trout takes their stand in late august when small baetis nymphs start drifting just when it gets dark in the evening. They are very easily spooked and it's hard to catch them since they most certainly will try to pass over the cement foundation (there is a hole in it a bit out from the land). The black drake hatches here and during that time the only thing that I've foud to work are big dry flies. But in august a big dry fly with a pheasant tail dropper can give quite unexpected experiences. More on that later on.

Have fun fly fishing wherever you are,
Mats Olsson

PS  These pictures were taken the 26:th of july 2013 DS


torsdag 25 juli 2013

My Favorite Fly Fishing Hot Spots - Part One

One Favorite Spot In Galvån

Copyright Björn Krantz - All Rights Reserved 
         Yours truly fishing in Galvån which is a medium stream that has a lot of hot spots. This particular place called Nyfors has been one of my favorite places for more than 30 years. This photo was taken just about two weeks ago, 22/7 2013. I'll get in to more details in a coming post. Have fun fly tying and fly fishing this lovely summer!