fredag 16 november 2012

The worlds smallest hook today – Mustad, Tiemco or Varivas?

What determines the size of a hook?

An Old Goldplated Mustad inside The TMC 518 size #32

                     From the top:

                     Old Goldplated Mustad size #26
                     Mustad 94842 size #28
                     Varivas Ultra Midge size #30
                     Tiemco 518 size #32 

Which one is the smallest? 
Judge for yourself!

          Formerly hooks were bought choosing the size judging by the distance between the hook tip to the shank. The hook was then cut to suit your purpose in fishing with it. How are the size determined today? I'll have to leave that question open because, as seen in the pictures, there is no definite standard that tells us what size the hook has in comparison to other hooks. Please feel free to give your input on this matter in this blog.

Side view of a Jassid tied on the Goldplated Mustad size #26

Top view of the same fly

Tied as follows:

Hook: Old Goldplated Mustad hook size #26
  3 times long, 2 times fine.

Thread: UNI-THREAD Trico 17/0 made black 
  with a permanent marker.

Wing: JC Nail cured with Clear Cure Goo.

          Just got my hands on some small hooks today. Among them this goldplated mustad hook. Felt like I had to try it on right away. I'm still looking for the Mustad 277 #32, so if anyone knows how to get them I would appreciate a lot if you mentioned that to me. Would love to hear your point of view when it comes to hook sizes. Until the next post.

Kind greetings,
Mats Olsson

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5 kommentarer:

Satoshi Yamamoto sa...

Do you "have to" fish with those? Size 20 & 22 we use here in Montana look GIANT trash.....

The Jassid Man sa...

Hi Satoshi!

I watched your video on tying the Coyote. Nice fly! Naturally we don't have to use the smallest of flies. I'm sure that you are familiar with the Yamame in Japan. In the clear waters it is easily spooked and usually taken with light gear and small dries (If you prefer dry flies). We also have trout that are easily spooked in our small streams. That's when small dry flies can come in handy. It's also a matter of choice. I rather fly fish with light gear and small flies than with heavy equipment. Thanks for your comment!

Have fun fly tying and fly fishing,
Mats Olsson

Brk Trt sa...

I'll have to take your word on their size. My 66 year old eyes can't determine.

Have fun with those small flies.

The Jassid Man sa...

Hi Alan!

Thanks for your comment! I was almost blind some years ago but had surgery on both of my eyes and that gave me a vision like a hawk. Before that it took me half an hour to get the tippet tied to a streamer size 8. Imagine the difference! Hope you enjoyed your meal together!

Your friend,
Mats Olsson

matt provencal sa...

Very nicely tied flies and a very helpful blog. Thanks! I'm still trying to locate some extra small hooks with no luck.