fredag 23 november 2012

Small flies on old Mustad Hooks - Part 1

The Glimmer Midge

First Glimmer Midge made in black with grizzly hackle.

Red with black ribbing.

A glimmer midge pupa in dun color on another gold plated old Mustad hook.

A striped glimmer midge pupa.

Got a little dark but this is a red variant of the above.

Hook Comparison

          Well now I have posted some pictures of my experiments with two vintage Mustad hooks. As seen in the "comparison" picture the hook I tied the midges on has a very narrow hook gap (the lover hook). It's like 5 mm long and perhaps has a hook gap of 1 mm or less. The other hook is a tad longer and have a much bigger hook gap. So, what's the point? Besides that Mustad has made a lot of hook types I didn't know about, they can be used for different flies. Just like the hooks that are popular now. I think that the glimmer given that the hooks are gold plated might be a trigger that makes the trout take the fly. Next season will show whether I'm right or not. Finding these hooks has given me an urge to experiment and I just think that's positive. The only way to come up with good fly patterns is tying flies. Hope you enjoyed the post. If you want to comment off the blog you're welcome to use one of my e-mail addresses:  <>. Until next post!

Have fun armchair fishing or tying flies or for the lucky ones, fly fishing,
Mats Olsson


2 kommentarer:

Brk Trt sa...

Tiny guys.
I like that second one.

The Jassid Man sa...

Hi Alan!

Yes, they are tiny. I also like the red one. Thanks for your comment.

Have fun tying beautiful streamers,
Mats Olsson