onsdag 28 november 2012

The Smallest Hook Currently In the World?

Hook with a ruler in millimeters.

An Olive Horse Hair Pupa Tied on This Hook.

          When it comes to hook gap this is the smallest hook that I have tied flies on. It fits inside a TMC 518 size #32. I just kind of stumbled over this hook that I never had seen before. Now I bought a stash of it because it's a really nice hook to keep up tying tiny flies. If there is some smaller hook available please let me know either in this blog or on my e-mail <meo@spray.se>. Until next post ...


fredag 23 november 2012

Small flies on old Mustad Hooks - Part 1

The Glimmer Midge

First Glimmer Midge made in black with grizzly hackle.

Red with black ribbing.

A glimmer midge pupa in dun color on another gold plated old Mustad hook.

A striped glimmer midge pupa.

Got a little dark but this is a red variant of the above.

Hook Comparison

          Well now I have posted some pictures of my experiments with two vintage Mustad hooks. As seen in the "comparison" picture the hook I tied the midges on has a very narrow hook gap (the lover hook). It's like 5 mm long and perhaps has a hook gap of 1 mm or less. The other hook is a tad longer and have a much bigger hook gap. So, what's the point? Besides that Mustad has made a lot of hook types I didn't know about, they can be used for different flies. Just like the hooks that are popular now. I think that the glimmer given that the hooks are gold plated might be a trigger that makes the trout take the fly. Next season will show whether I'm right or not. Finding these hooks has given me an urge to experiment and I just think that's positive. The only way to come up with good fly patterns is tying flies. Hope you enjoyed the post. If you want to comment off the blog you're welcome to use one of my e-mail addresses:  <meo@spray.se>. Until next post!

Have fun armchair fishing or tying flies or for the lucky ones, fly fishing,
Mats Olsson


fredag 16 november 2012

The worlds smallest hook today – Mustad, Tiemco or Varivas?

What determines the size of a hook?

An Old Goldplated Mustad inside The TMC 518 size #32

                     From the top:

                     Old Goldplated Mustad size #26
                     Mustad 94842 size #28
                     Varivas Ultra Midge size #30
                     Tiemco 518 size #32 

Which one is the smallest? 
Judge for yourself!

          Formerly hooks were bought choosing the size judging by the distance between the hook tip to the shank. The hook was then cut to suit your purpose in fishing with it. How are the size determined today? I'll have to leave that question open because, as seen in the pictures, there is no definite standard that tells us what size the hook has in comparison to other hooks. Please feel free to give your input on this matter in this blog.

Side view of a Jassid tied on the Goldplated Mustad size #26

Top view of the same fly

Tied as follows:

Hook: Old Goldplated Mustad hook size #26
  3 times long, 2 times fine.

Thread: UNI-THREAD Trico 17/0 made black 
  with a permanent marker.

Wing: JC Nail cured with Clear Cure Goo.

          Just got my hands on some small hooks today. Among them this goldplated mustad hook. Felt like I had to try it on right away. I'm still looking for the Mustad 277 #32, so if anyone knows how to get them I would appreciate a lot if you mentioned that to me. Would love to hear your point of view when it comes to hook sizes. Until the next post.

Kind greetings,
Mats Olsson

If you wish to comment outside the blog your welcome to send the comment to my e-mail:  meo@spray.se  

fredag 9 november 2012

Finally the Mustad Gold Plated 277 Hook

First Fly On A Mustad 277 Hook - A Jassid

Hook:     Mustad-Crystal Hook Gold Plated
Thread:  Pearsalls Gossamer Silk Thread In Black
Hackle:   Whiting Midge Saddle In Black 
Wing:     A JC Nail Cured With Clear Cure Goo

          I have looked worldwide for this hook and almost literally I find it "just around the corner" and got my hands on it today. I just had to make a fly on it right away. I choose the Jassid for some reason. Well, as you can see it's not the famous size #32 of the hook. (I'll have to look further for that size. If someone has a clue where to get some I would appreciate any hint). It's a size 20 and 3 times short so therefore it's quite small anyway. To me it looks quite OK but how on earth do you attach the tippet on the flattened surface that is there instead of an eye? If someone knows please enlighten me!!!

One hook on the original hook box

          This hook box reminds me of buying fly tying hooks as a kid. The seller took up the box and asked how many I wanted to buy. Yes, they were sold individually at that time (the time just after the dinosaurs were extinct :-)). Anyway a lovely hook to tie flies that you just want to keep. I'm thinking of tying my favourite flies on and just to save.

Until next time have fun tying flies or if you're lucky fly fishing,