onsdag 28 december 2011

A Collection Of Jassids In Different Sizes

A Collection Of Jassids In Different Sizes

Well, I guess that this picture shows why I chose "The Jassid Man" as my alias. Here are all the sizes of the Jassid that I have tied. From # 16 down to # 32. It was rather difficult to put them into this box just as if they were shy and didn't want to be photographed. It's much easier to deal with them in the Wheatley 1608 (I think it is), you know the one with 32 separate compartments. Much easier to handle them there. Looking at this picture one might suspect that the Jassid is a favourite fly of mine. Thinking that wouldn't be wrong. I must have tied upwards of 200 of them by now and it was probably Vincent Marinaro and his Jassid that made me begin tying and fishing tiny flies. I haven't tried the bigger jassids yet but just like Vince I think they make a good imitation of a beetle. So we'll se this coming summer. 
          The Jassid is also responsible of one of my most memorable fly fishing experiences. I had rigged my 7ft AFTM 1-2 rod with a Lee Wulff TT line # 3 and at the 0.10 mm (7-8X I think) tippet end a jassid. I could see +1 pound trout sipping goodies from the surface as I offered them my jassid. The take was abrupt and almost startled me. The trout jumped 5 times after setting the hook and then dived into the weed. Somehow I managed to get him out of there and I could see that there was no way I could unhook him and let him swim away. The hook was set just in the corner of the mouth and impossible to remove without destroying the fly since the right tools for that was missing. It was just like a picture in Vincent Marinaros book "A Modern DRY-FLY Code" where he shows a fly size # 24 deeply embedded in the corner of a trouts mouth.

Hooks: Partridge Captain Hamilton Featherweight L4A
            Partridge Vince Marinaro Midge Fly Hooks K1A # 20-28
            TMC 103 BL

Hackle: Metz Natural Black (to the whole Vince Marinaro series)
            Whiting Midge and Common Saddle Hackle Black and Grizzly

Wing:   Nails from Natural Jungle Cock

Have fun,

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