måndag 26 december 2011

The Value of Good Tools

Before going on further in this blog I just want to say a thing or two about the tools used tying tiny flies. In the picture above you can see a small spring scissor. It is one of the tools that really have made it more enjoyable for me tying tiny flies. So having good tools is essential to enjoy fly tying and tying tiny flies in particular. A good pair of scissors is among the most important tools you can have. So my point is that a good pair of scissors may cost a bit but it's worth it since you'll be using it all the time. So don't be cheap with things that are necessary. It will just give you frustration and a hard time bereaving you of the joy of tying nice flies.

This particular tool is available at: http://flytyingboutique.com/ that is run by Phil Holding and I can earnestly recommend this online shop.

Other good online stores in the UK that I can recommend are:


I have dealt with them several times and it's a pleasure every time.

Have fun,

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