tisdag 27 mars 2012

The "Raison d'être" Of My Blog On Blogspot - Or The Reason For Which I Started This Blog PART 2b

          As usual I forget to mention something while posting some information on this blog. There is another reason why I really like Orvis Bamboo Rods. I'll illustrate it with some pictures.

The specifications of the rod


Look at those slim ferrules

Just couldn't resist it. A good rod with the perfect reel to it.

          OK, so whats up? The Orvis split cane rods are impregnated. That means that they only have varnish were the specifications and thread windings are. But how do I protect it from water then? I asked the same question a time ago. The answer I got was kind of peculiar. 

          Yes, Turtle floating car wax! Not the kind used for metallic colours but the normal one. So when the rod needs an overhaul just get som Turtle car wax and your rod will be protected. So why do I like this better than varnish? Well if you get an opening in the varnish and water enters it doesn't get out as quick as if the rod is impregnated. The varnish might make the water stay longer and that might ruin the rod. Believe me I've broken one. Not a good experience. This is a personal opinion though and naturally everyone has their own choice but it's worth taking into consideration since split cane rods aren't cheap. Well next time I'll get on with the rod I've used most. TO BE CONTINUED ...

Have fun fishing with the gear that suits you,

lördag 24 mars 2012

The "Raison d'être" Of My Blog On Blogspot - Or The Reason For Which I Started This Blog PART 2

          Now I will continue with what I have learned that can be of benefit for the more experienced fly fishers. Will start with some pictures of the rod I have that I appreciate most and explain why.

Orvis Battenkill 704 (7' #4 Three pieces with two tips)

Closer look at handle with middle part and one tip

Really like this handle shown with middle piece

An exceptionally good fly holder that can be flipped up

The two tips with a match stick in between

          Well I don't think that I have to add so much words to theese pictures. They say that a picture says more than a thousand words and that surely is true in this case. Unfortunately Orvis doesn't make this rod anymore (I can't find it on their website at least) and that's a pity because it's an awesome rod and very nice to use with tiny flies. It's not a rod to begin your career as a fly fisher with but if fly fishing becomes a passion this may be the perfect rod. Personally I can't understand that tips so thin can be made of six bamboo strips. The match stick looks like a log placed in between two thin pieces of wood. It's a true pleasure to play a trout with this rod that bends right down to the handle under pressure. At the same time it's easy to take with you wherever you go since it's made up of three pieces and just 7' long. That makes the metal tube very short and handy. Well enough said about this rod now. I'll leave the rest to your imagination. In the next part I will present the rod I've used the most. TO BE CONTINUED ...

Have fun fly fishing with the gear that suits you,

måndag 5 mars 2012

The "Raison d'être" Of My Blog On Blogspot - Or The Reason For Which I Started This Blog PART 1

          Soon this picture will be understood by the context. These are my fly fishing rods. From an AFTM class #8, 9 glass fiber rod to an AFTM class #1-2 carbon fiber rod. The last rod is a marvelous rod fishing with tiny flies. It's in a black cordura tube on the picture. I'll get to the rest in a moment.

          The long rod in the bluish cloth bag is my first rod. I got it when I was just a boy. My first own fly fishing rod! It felt wonderful to finally have a rod of my own. Now I wouldn't recommend this as the first rod for a young boy. The photo below will show you why.

       This is a partial picture of my first rod. A Kingfisher, Shooting Star, 91/2 foot for an AFTM #8/9 line which came with a fighting butt that could be used as an option to a small rubber butt. I bought an AFTM #8 DT floating line to use with it. Would you recommend this rod for a young boy? No, neither would I. Nevertheless this was my first fly fishing rod. The one I tried to learn how to fly fish with. After a season my right hand looked like the hand of a hardworking wood chopper, even though I was just a boy back then. I had the opportunity to choose my first rod and opted for this one. It's nothing wrong with it but it's certainly not a rod for a kid beginning to fly fish. I started this blog to help others not to make the same mistake now when the options of fly fishing rods are very extensive. I don't think I've fished with this rod since the late 70'ties. But since I'm moving to a city near the coast and a river that holds sea trout and salmon I'll probably get to use it again. The rod I would recommend (or type of rod) for someone starting to fly fish can be seen on the next pictures.

Hi Level 7' #1-2

          It's a true pleasure to fish with this rod that weights in on 41 grams (1.5 oz i think). It's like fishing with nothing attached to nothing. No effort needed and that I think will be appealing to those who want to begin with fly fishing. It will most certainly give them an "appetite" to continue with fly fishing and learning more about it. If so their life will be greatly enriched.

          This reel seat I have customized a little to be able to use the old reel, in the next photo, on this rod. I carved it flat with a razor blade to give some more room for the reel and make it easier to get the reel straight on the rod. As seen it has sliding rings. I would have preferred a little wider rings but these work well.

ORVIS CFO II Made in England

        I just love this reel. Unfortunately they aren't produced anymore. It weights in on mere 56 grams (2 oz I think) and I have a Phoenix Silk Line WF #4 on it and some backing. Not to bad for such a small reel.

A magnificent 50 cm Brown Trout

          Why not conclude this post with a picture of the trout that gave me one of my most cherished memories taken on this very rod. I had to play him easy since I used a thin tippet and a small barbless fly when this magnificent trout was hooked. It took like 1 hour and 20 minutes to get him tired enough and close enough so I could just throw him up from the water with my left hand because I didn't have a net. That wouldn't have been the same with a stiffer rod and heavier equipment. So that's it. My advice to those who want to begin fly fishing for trout or grayling is to buy the lightest equipment they can handle naturally. If they start out with that they will find fly fishing to be a lovely sport that takes you closer to the nature.

          So my main goal is to help those starting with fly fishing not to make the same mistakes I did, thinking that the ability to make a long cast is what counts. Most of the trout I've taken have been within a 10 meter radius, so usually there is no need for a "Shooting Star". The most fun will be found using a pretty light equipment according to the fish that inhabits the waters you're going to fish.

          If more experienced anglers find my blog useful it's icing on the cake for me. I just want to share the experiences I've had and perhaps make someone glad at the same time. TO BE CONTINUED ...

Have fun the way YOU want to fly fish,

lördag 3 mars 2012

Master Bamboo Rod Makers Part 4 - Another Rod Made By Ulf Löfdal

          This rod is called Mentor, measures 6'10" and is for a line AFTM #4. I'm sure that this rod would be a great rod for fishing tiny flies in small streams. Here comes the first picture:

          As you can see this rod is flamed (I think) and personally I think it looks great. I would prefer a different shape of the handle but that's it.

          Here is a closer look at the handle with a reel that looks very good to this rod in my opinion. I have a class #4 rod that's 7' and comes in three pieces which I just think is lovely with an Orvis CFO II reel filled with a weight forward tapered Phoenix silk line in class #4. They just are like married to each other. That is the nicest equipment that I have to fish tiny flies.

          Here is a nice closeup on the bamboo ferrule and the reel seat. I think it's really a piece of art in the form of a bamboo fly rod. It can't be wrong fishing with that rod even if the trout doesn't cooperate and like the flies thrown at them. Just fishing with a rod like that must be a pleasure.

Have fun and tight lines or threads,