lördag 3 mars 2012

Master Bamboo Rod Makers Part 4 - Another Rod Made By Ulf Löfdal

          This rod is called Mentor, measures 6'10" and is for a line AFTM #4. I'm sure that this rod would be a great rod for fishing tiny flies in small streams. Here comes the first picture:

          As you can see this rod is flamed (I think) and personally I think it looks great. I would prefer a different shape of the handle but that's it.

          Here is a closer look at the handle with a reel that looks very good to this rod in my opinion. I have a class #4 rod that's 7' and comes in three pieces which I just think is lovely with an Orvis CFO II reel filled with a weight forward tapered Phoenix silk line in class #4. They just are like married to each other. That is the nicest equipment that I have to fish tiny flies.

          Here is a nice closeup on the bamboo ferrule and the reel seat. I think it's really a piece of art in the form of a bamboo fly rod. It can't be wrong fishing with that rod even if the trout doesn't cooperate and like the flies thrown at them. Just fishing with a rod like that must be a pleasure.

Have fun and tight lines or threads,

4 kommentarer:

Brk Trt sa...

Beautiful workmanship.
Truly the fly fishers art.

The Jassid Man sa...

I just have to agree! Sorry I haven't had the chance to make one myself though. That would really be something. I have to stay with fly tying instead.

Have fun with your brookies Brk Trt,

Phillip sa...

Wouldn't mind one of those myself.

The Jassid Man sa...

Hi Phillip!

I would like to have one too. And Ulf Löfdal has got reasonable prices on his rod. If you want I can ask the price of this one.

Have fun and tight lines,