tisdag 27 mars 2012

The "Raison d'être" Of My Blog On Blogspot - Or The Reason For Which I Started This Blog PART 2b

          As usual I forget to mention something while posting some information on this blog. There is another reason why I really like Orvis Bamboo Rods. I'll illustrate it with some pictures.

The specifications of the rod


Look at those slim ferrules

Just couldn't resist it. A good rod with the perfect reel to it.

          OK, so whats up? The Orvis split cane rods are impregnated. That means that they only have varnish were the specifications and thread windings are. But how do I protect it from water then? I asked the same question a time ago. The answer I got was kind of peculiar. 

          Yes, Turtle floating car wax! Not the kind used for metallic colours but the normal one. So when the rod needs an overhaul just get som Turtle car wax and your rod will be protected. So why do I like this better than varnish? Well if you get an opening in the varnish and water enters it doesn't get out as quick as if the rod is impregnated. The varnish might make the water stay longer and that might ruin the rod. Believe me I've broken one. Not a good experience. This is a personal opinion though and naturally everyone has their own choice but it's worth taking into consideration since split cane rods aren't cheap. Well next time I'll get on with the rod I've used most. TO BE CONTINUED ...

Have fun fishing with the gear that suits you,

6 kommentarer:

Shoreman sa...

Interesting how some of the "things" in you shop work well in other places. Like WD-40.


The Jassid Man sa...

Thanks for your comment. Yes, isn't it amazing that something made for missiles also works for bamboo rods.

Have fun but be careful with that WD-40,

Regular Rod sa...

The other big advantage of impregnated cane rods is that they are less conspicuous than varnished rods. The only thing I would change on your beautiful Orvis rod is that I would blacken the ferrules so they didn't glint whilst casting.

Regular Rod

The Jassid Man sa...

Hi Regular Rod!
Good idea but I think that I'm sneaky enough not to give the trout a warning glint that may spook them.
Have fun fly fishing,

Brk Trt sa...

Some info that's good to know.

The Jassid Man sa...

Hi Brk Trt!
Thanks for your comment! Glad to give some info that's useful.
Have fun chasing brookies,
Mats Olsson