lördag 23 mars 2013

What The Trout Really Wants - Easy Pickings

Large Dark Olive - Spent Spinner

          Spent spinners can get the spookiest of trout or grayling to leave it's "safe house" to gorge on the easy pickings that the spent spinners constitute. Even the morning after a spinner fall the spent spinner seems to have left an impression that makes big trout and grayling still are searching for them. Even when there hasn't been a spinner fall the fish will often readily take a spent spinner. So some spent spinners of various colors and sizes is good to have for those moments. I've experienced myself that an imitation of a spent spinner just seems to have the word "delicious" stamped on it for the trout and grayling. That means that it's time now when the first mayflies are hatching to tie a stash of spent spinners if not done before. Have heard that the Large Dark Olive (Baetis Rhodani, not the BWO or Ephemerella Ignita, this one will come later on and is usually a little smaller) has started hatching already in the UK and at some places in the US. Have fun you guys that are living in those areas! Wish I could be there but they'll hatch here soon too. So until the next post ...

Kind greetings from an even colder Sweden,
Mats Olsson


2 kommentarer:

Johnny Utah sa...

Spent rusty spinners here in the states are a staple in boxes from coast to coast. Great tie.

The Jassid Man sa...

Hi Johnny!

Thanks! I can well understand that a spent rusty spinner can do marvels especially after a spinner fall of LDO's or BWO's anywhere in the world.