onsdag 20 mars 2013

Hackled Large Dark Olive Dun - For Riffled Waters

Hackled Large Dark Olive

          During a hatch of Baetis Rhodani, or perhaps more known as the Large Dark Olive, it might be a good idea to have hackled versions of the dun if the stream has riffled areas. It might come in handy when there is windy too since it floats better and is more visible. So this is what I'd pull out of the fly box under such circumstances (or something similar). If you want a lower profile it's easy to cut a v in the hackle under the wing to get the profile you want or that fits the water you're fishing. I'll have to keep waiting for the LDO to hatch since there seems that the winter is trying to return here. The days are getting longer but it's still to cold for the ice to melt and give us fly fishers a chance to wet our flies. Until next post ...

Kind greetings,
Mats Olsson


4 kommentarer:

Brk Trt sa...

That will get the job done.

Satoshi Yamamoto sa...

Good one! I tie some for spring creeks here.

The Jassid Man sa...

Hi Alan!

Hope so. Thanks!

The Jassid Man sa...


Sounds nice! Thanks! Keep me posted of the results!