måndag 18 februari 2013

Flies Received In My Fly Swap In January

Flies From The Fly Swap

          Here I present some of the flies that I received in the fly swap I arranged in January. First out in the picture above we have some interesting spent spinners tied in a quite special manner. The hook used is a new thing to me. It's a Gamakatsu C16-B called "Crippled Emerger". It was really interesting to see the shape of the hook that can be found on the web site of Gamakatsu. This hook opens up the possibility to tie a range of very special flies. I'll put a link to those hooks below since I think they're well worth taking a peak at of any curious fly tier.  I'll certainly try to get hold of some and give them a try and see what comes out.

          From another fly tier I got this selection of different flies. I guess some of them are quite known to many. A row of Picket Pin followed by The Bomber in trout size, an orange head fly and last a small caddis fly. All of these flies looks to me that they will get attention from some trout when used. I have them in my "Guest fly box" for inspiration in my own fly tying. It's always interesting to see what flies other fly fishermen (and women) are using in this sport we have in common. I hope that this little post will give some inspiration to whoever takes a peak at it as it has been for me. Also want to take this opportunity to give a thanks to those who took part in this fly swap (not all flies have arrived yet; the postal service taking a shortcut over South America passing Asia before getting to Europe and finding little Sweden and arriving) I really appreciate that and will probably arrange another fly swap later on. Well that concludes this post so until next time ...

Many greetings,
Mats Olsson


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Brk Trt sa...

Nice flies there.
Perhaps you'll be casting them soon.

The Jassid Man sa...

Hi Alan!

I guess that some of them are quite familiar to you. Hope to be able to wet some flies when the spring comes. Thanks for your comment!

Your friend,
Mats Olsson