fredag 8 februari 2013



          Grey Midge with a slim detached body and CDC Wing tied on a TMC 2488 size #26. Used CDC to the wing trying to imitate the fluttering of the wings of recently hatched midges drying their wings. A little wind and the wing will seem to be alive ( I hope ).

          This picture shows that the wing is quite dense and made up of a lot of CDC fibers. I think that will make the fly all the more irresistible for the trout and grayling. Just a more or less educated guess until I get the chance to actually test it. Next comes a lovely video clip of a hatching midge (Chironomid). I found it quite interesting and want to share it with anyone that takes the time to look at my blog. Enjoy!!!

          After seeing that video clip I naturally had to make a red midge. Since the hatching midge was moving the wings very fast I chose CDC as wing material just like the midge imitation shown above. So I came up with this one.

          This midge is somewhat smaller tied on a Gamakatsu C12-BM barbless hook size #30. Well that kind of concludes this post so until the next one ...

Kind Regards,
Mats Olsson

4 kommentarer:

Swamp Yankee sa...

Great looking flies! that extended body on a midge hook keeps looking better and better! Keep it up

The Jassid Man sa...

Hi Nate!

Thanks! Personally I think that the first of the flies, the grey midge, is one of the best flies I've ever tied during my c:a 40 years of tying flies. So tying tiny flies really improves your skills as a fly tyer. At least I think It's been so in my case.

Kind regards,
Mats Olsson

Brk Trt sa...

Great video.

The Jassid Man sa...

Hi Alan!

Thanks! I found the video very interesting too. To me an understanding of what is going on in the water is of great importance. What insects are on the trout menu. What is hatching and so forth. It contributes to the pleasure of fly fishing for me.

Kind greetings,
Mats Olsson