torsdag 21 februari 2013


Imitation Of A Black Midge

          I'm currently writing an article about detached or extended bodies on a variety of insects of interest for the fly fisher. I'll be trying to cover as many techniques as possible in this field in this article. I'm fine tuning a method of my own to make slim extended or detached bodies for midges and small mayflies. As seen in the photo above. This picture shows partly a 40 year old endeavor of mine. This is an imitation of a midge but like 40 years ago I read about how irresistible an imitation of the house fly would be for the trout. I don't remember where I read it or the author of it but he (or she) surely convinced me of the excellence of such a fly.

          In those days I was occupied with a variety of interests or hobbies. One of them was chemistry. So I remember trying to make materials to use for tying a housefly. Well I didn't succeed in this endeavor but now about 40 years later I made this midge imitation and remembered the frustration not to be able to tie a good imitation of a housefly. Now I have learned the techniques to make a pretty good job. The interesting is that I was on the right track 40 years ago when, from first making the material to use was trying to achieve my goal, to tie an imitation of a housefly. Now a similar product that I made, but didn't have the skill to use correctly, is sold quite expensively but useful. Funny how the mind works and connects things that can be very distant in time but close in its nature. Anyway I'm trying out different techniques and will probably post some of them in this blog.

          In this picture the same fly, with a total body length of 7 mm, is seen from the side in the vice. Since I'm not giving the publisher of the fly fishing magazine all the rights to the article, I've put the copyright notice there in the photos from the beginning, if you wonder about that. Well that kind of concludes an about 40 year long endeavor at least in the theory. I haven't tied an imitation of a housefly yet. But who knows ... maybe later on. Until the next post ...

Kind greetings,
Mats Olsson


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Brk Trt sa...

Love the wing. A nice profile also.

The Jassid Man sa...

Hi Alan!

Thanks! They are a pain in the rear to make but look nice if you get it right. Just have to wait and see how the trout will respond, the final judge of any fly.

Your friend,
Mats Olsson