fredag 5 oktober 2012

Trip to Molntjärn the summer 2012

Along the road to Molntjärn
and it's lovely surroundings

A wonderful cabin along the road where I 
wouldn't mind  living. (At least for a summer).

Finally a sign that directs you to the goal - MOLNTJÄRN

Where you pay for your fishing permit.

View of Molntjärn from where you pay your
fishing permit. It also states that only fly
fishing is allowed in this water.

Place of the fishing log and a balance for weighing
and a pretty long ruler for measuring. That is
required if you take any fish home with you. 
Reading the log is the first thing you do when
coming here to get an update if there has been
some action recently.

A shelter where I usually make my coffee.

View from the shelter almost straight eastward.

View from a log I sat on towards the shelter.

Sight to the northeast.
 (The shadow of my hat should be discarded).

The catch of the day (lost two nice brown trout 
though). This fish is usually found in the stomach
 of big trout. Excellent trout food that makes it 
possible for the trout to grow really big and 
there are some  seriously big brown trout 
in this little lake. I've fought and cougt a few
myself and released many to grow on even bigger.

Two distant eagles "blowing in the wind". I think
it's a couple of Royal Eagle (Kungsörn in Swedish) 
related to the Bald Eagle but they have kind of a 
golden colored head. It looks as if it has a crown. 
 Hence the Swedish name. I think that it's a pair of 
those because there is a couple of them nesting
 nearby. Just a few kilometers from the house 
where I grew up and they cover a lot of ground.
(Should have had binoculars to be sure!!!)

Another bird couple that have a nest in the vicinity.
Almost my constant companions when fishing here.
In Swedish they are called "Storlom" not sure in English.

Another smaller companion hiding in the late 
summer flowers. A pretty big greenish beetle.

Finally a delicious berry (or quite a few here but 
only one  in this picture). These berries are called 
"Hjortron" in Swedish and are very sought for. 
Something very special  for many living here. 
I enjoyed their delicious taste  greatly this day.
It was like the icing on the cake. Yummy!!!

          Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed to do this trip. Hopefully I can make another trip there before it freezes because right now is the opportunity to get some of the big trout on dry fly. The food is scarce and they readily rises to a small dry fly mostly at dusk.

Have fun fly fishing your waters,


8 kommentarer:

Brk Trt sa...

I truly enjoyed my visit.
Your photos told so much. Taking time to enjoy coffee is a pleasure few realize.

The Jassid Man sa...

Thanks! Yes, even if I didn't get any trout to hand at least I could enjoy a lot of other things. With low expectations you always get a pleasurable trip.
My best,
Mats Olsson

Midgeman sa...

Absolutly beautiful country! Great pictorial on your trip.

The Jassid Man sa...

Thanks! My favorite still water for a long time. Holds many lovely memories.
Mats Olsson

Labrador sa...

Fantastic pics, must take a trip to this lake next year. Can I use my flytring?

The Jassid Man sa...

Hi! Thanks for your comment. Yes, it's truly a wonderful little lake. Sorry, but only fishing from land is permitted. It would be excellent to get out a little further and be more mobile but such are the rules. I was just called to the annual meeting for the fly fishing club that takes care of this water.
My best,

Labrador sa...

Hi Mats,
looks like I'll have to practice some long casting & skating a sedge or mini muddler looks like it would work too!
All the best,


The Jassid Man sa...

Hi Martin!

Actually it's right now that the chances are best to get in contact with big trout. In early October they usually comes close to land to feed on midges in various stages. Unfortunately I'll probably won't have the chance to try this year.

Mats Olsson