onsdag 10 oktober 2012

TMC 518 Midge Fly Tying Hook Experiments – PART 1

Horse Hair Midge Larvae – Dun Color

Hook: TMC 518 #30 (I like this size for use with horse hair)

Thread: Sheer 14/0 Dun

Abdomen and thorax: White Horse Hair

Tie the horse hair (moistening it a little first) at the beginning of the hook shank and follow down the bend to get a curve. I tie it in along the top of the hook shank. Wind the thread back to the hook eye, make a half hitch to secure and put the bobbin in the bobbin holder to make it easier to continue. Wind the horse hair back to the hook eye and tie it in. I opted for using varnish to make the whole fly more durable and showing the transparency.

Trying to show the transparency better of the pattern

          This is the first I've made as an experiment. I think though that it will be attracting trout that feeds on midge pupae or larvae. I am continuing the experiment with other colors and more pupae like. Tapered bodies for example.
          To me the result looks very much like midge larvae that I found hundreds of in the stomach of a good size trout. That memory has been part of the inspiration for this experiment. The fly looks brown in the pictures but it's the dun color of the thread that gives it color. The lighting I have isn't quite adequate to give the pictures the true colors.

To make hookups easier I have bent the hook
so I get the tip a little offset. Se picture below.

Pictures of the second larvae I've tied. A little tapered otherwise it's the same.

This picture shows the offset tip of the hook (manually made)
          As this just is an experiment at present I'm more than happy to get some input from you who read this. I'm kind of preparing for the next season and my goal is to take good trout on tiny flies. Aiming at 20" trout taken on a TMC 518 size #30 or similar.

          Hoping for some input from fly fishermen that are more experienced in fishing with very tiny flies than I am. Thanks beforehand!


4 kommentarer:

Brk Trt sa...

Wow, you talk about small.
My eyes would have a problem with those.
Nice work tying.

The Jassid Man sa...

Thanks Alan!

I really enjoy tying tiny flies and now I'm kind of experimenting a little to get the patterns that can be effective when big browns are on a midge (larvae, pupae or adult fly) diet. Thanks again!

Friendly greetings,
Mats Olsson

Andy Baird sa...

Nice pattern Mats... and nicely photographed too. I love the translucency effect. Best, Andy

The Jassid Man sa...

Hi Andy!

Thanks! Trying to establish a base pattern for midge larvae and continue with the whole life cycle of midges,

My best,
Mats Olsson