måndag 9 januari 2012

Triggers Used In Tiny Flies - 2

Some of the triggers that can attract wary trout shows better on this photo. Grateful if anyone would give some input on this. One of the triggers is almost copied from one of the triggers Andy Baird uses on one of his prime patterns. Sorry for the quality of the photos but I don't have the macro photo equipment that I used during the 70'ties. That equipment would have been handy now.

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Dan Price sa...

For me the triggers of that fly would be its footprint on the water. I can imagine the dimples caused by the stiff, spread out tail fibres holding it in the surface.

I know a lot of people love the Jassid but for some reason it has never found itself on my leader, I am seemingly addicted to hackled flies.

Thight lines

The Jassid Man sa...

Thanks for your comment Dan!

Very interesting and just what you want to accomplish with this pattern. There are also more triggers to find. The trigger question should be called a trick question really. Thanks a lot for your comment. And by the way The Jassid is a hackled fly and the thing with it is that it's the tiers decision of how high it will float. It depends on how you decide to cut the hackle fibers to open up for the tip of the hook.

Have fun with your lines tight or the same with your thread,