fredag 30 december 2011

Yours truly with a magnificent 50 cm (20 inches) brown trout

Yours truly with a magnificent 50 cm (20 inches) brown trout
A few years back a got this magnificent brown on the 15:th of October. It took on a small floating flymph I call "The Possum". I was a little to fast at the first take and ripped the fly out of it's mouth. Typically me. But I didn't prick and spook him so the next time it took I waited for the leader to move until I set the hook. I was using an AFTM #1-2 rod and a thin tippet along with a barbless hook so I had to play him gently. Of course I didn't have any net either so it was rather the fish playing me than the opposite. The trout was strong as a bull and slowly took me on a stroll back and forth with an occasional run in the beginning of the fight. I felt as if I was taking a huge dog for a walk. When it took the fly it was a few degrees over zero but walking right and left with the trout at the end it started freezing. It was like walking on pringles every step sounded like a crunch. As I was wearing regular boots I was freezing and my feet felt numb. But after about 1 hour and 20 minutes I could finally grab him with my left hand and throw him up on the ground. This was to be a delicious dinner for my family. Truly a memorable event ending when it was pitch dark.

"The Possum"
Hook: TMC 103 BL 11-21
Tail: Grizzly Hen Hackle
Body: Dubbed Australian Opossum Black
Hackle: Grizzly Hen Hackle

Have fun tying and fishing tiny flies,

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