lördag 31 december 2011

A Family Outing With BBQ and Fly Fishing - At My Favourite Tiny Lake

Well enough with old memories now and onto something more rescent. Although a known character in a movie once said: "Memory is what you have instead of a view". And I can assure you that here at this time, freezing cold and without snow, it's hard to find a good view.

Yours truly in action

My wife had gotten hold of the camera and as she likes to look at me in action she took a shot without me knowing about it. This is a little lake that for ages has been known for it's big brown trout.

My doughter and my father rather enjoy reading than fishing.

Yours truly trying his best in front of the shelter
Well as you can see it's a beautiful place just made for family outings.

Finally some trout action. A nice brown trout tired and ready to take.

Since I never carry a net it's the job of the left hand to get the trout up out of the water.

Yours truly without feet but with a trout in his hand. No wonder I could't fish so much this year. Don't think I would trade my feet for that trout. Enough joking. I have a medical condition that makes me live with pain constantly (24/7 all the year). I have to take pain killers every day regularly just to get by. Sometimes it's a little better but other days it's as if the pain killers just don't work. This day and every day with some fly fishing it's a lot better.

The trout and the gear that took him

Since the trout was badly hooked I had to take him. Furthermore I could see that it was a stocked trout and not a natural. The native trout I always put back if they aren't hurt. Even a trout this size gives good sport with this gear. I had my Sage SP 904 AFTM # 4 and a clear intermediate line (Lee Wulff TT Line). Looking to the left of the bood spot you can see the fly. It's not a tiny fly but I'm planning to share some thoughts about it in the future. Since my father has a heart condition we didn't stay long but everyone was pleased and that is what matters. This was in the beginning of May 2011.

Have fun,

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