lördag 25 april 2015


THE Royal Coachman Fan Wing

          I'm eagerly to make my first visit to my favorite still water tomorrow. Got the crazy idea to take a shot at the trouts willingness to take a dry fly like the RCFW. Fishing in the spring at this water is to be in dire straits as a fly fisherman. Any fly or no fly at all might work so why not chock the trout with one of the "balloniest" fly of them all, THE ROYAL COACHMAN FAN WING. Usually going with a subsurface fly is the safest but it would be cool to see the reaction of the trout that might be feeding on hatching midges since it seems to become a sunny day tomorrow.

       The forecast is like 13 degrees above zero centigrades as the highest. This would be 55.4 degrees fahrenheit and quite pleasant. I would thinK that THE INCREDIBLE HULK (a green muddler that I have a tying description of somewhere in this blog) would be a quite safe bet using a light tippet "deglared" (drawn through green grass under pressure a few times) so as not to spook the wary trout that inhabits this water. But as we all know nothing is certain and I really would be quite satisfied with some great photos in my luggage when heading home. Anyway, it has been far too long time since I had a real fly fishing day so anything but a hailstorm will do it for me. Hopefully I'll get some great shots to present in this blog the coming days.

Kind Greetings from Sweden in early spring,
Mats Olsson

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