söndag 31 mars 2013

The Ubiquitous Midge

A Generic Midge Pattern

          What would fly fishing in the spring be without midge patterns? It's pretty obvious that some nice midge patterns are needed especially during the early spring when the activity is low during a harsh winter (like this last one). I don't know what it depends on but I've been in a goose biot "state of mind" the last time. There is no question about it being a nice material that naturally gives a segmented body to the fly. Furthermore it's a cheap material and comes in any color that might be needed. Now i put some Zap-A-Gap on the thread base before winding the biot. For obvious reasons that will make the body more durable. The trout has really sharp teeth. Many trout have made my fingertips bleed when trying to get the fly out of their mouth to be able to release them. Lost my surgery forceps to the bottom of a favorite still water and haven't found one as good as that one to replace it. Guess I have to reconsider doing that soon for the sake of the finger tips on my right hand. Otherwise fly tying might be more complicated with band aids on the finger tips. The materials on this fly are:

                    Body = Grey Goose Biot

                    Wing = Tiemco Aero Wing

                    Hackle = Grizzle Midge Saddle Hackle cut
                                  to give the midge a low profile

                    Thread = Sheer 14/0 Dun

          By changing the colors of the materials and size of hook i think this pattern can cover most of the midges that can be of interest. Will try this pattern out ASAP. it's still very cold here during the nights so the ice and snow just don't want to disappear. Well that's kind of all so until the next post ...

Warm greetings from the cold,
Mats Olsson


2 kommentarer:

Brk Trt sa...

I see quite a few of those about.
It's hard to comprehend trout dining on them.

Nice tie.

The Jassid Man sa...

Hi Alan!

Yes, it is but some say that about 50 % of the trout food consists of midges in different stages. So it won't hurt to have some midge patterns in the fly box.