torsdag 31 januari 2013


The tiny CDC fly I call Fluffy



          They are both tied on a Gamakatsu C12-BM barbless midge hook size #30. I'ts a very easy pattern to tie. Use a small CDC feather where the barbs are of the same length at the top. Tie in a thin tying thread and trap the top barbs of the feather and double it back (sometimes it's easier if you use a bodkin to hold the "bubble" that is formed) and tie in just before the eye of the hook. Then making a few turns in front of the rest of the feather you make it "stand up". When you think it looks good just whip finish and snip off the waist leaving part of some barbs as a wing and you're finished. I believe in this fly and will try it out this season. Even though I haven't tried I guess it can be made just as easy on bigger hooks. So until next post ...

Kind greetings and tight fly tying threads,
Mats Olsson


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Swamp Yankee sa...

That top photo looks like it's going to be an awesome ant pattern. !!!

The Jassid Man sa...

Hi Swamp Yankee!

Actually I got the idea to this pattern when I was in contact with Agostino Roncallo (the CDC Wizard) and saw one of his ant patterns. I simplified it so it can be taken for just about any kind of small insect, including the ant. Have made the pattern in a reddish color too that probably will work when ants are on the trout menu (didn't have a photo of it and was too lazy to take one). Thanks for your comment!

Looking forward to the coming season,
Mats Olsson

Brk Trt sa...

Size 30. impressive.
Your fingers must be warm up there.

The Jassid Man sa...

Hi Alan!

Thanks for your comment! Yes, when I'm indoors it like that but when I'm out there in the wild Gävle it might be pretty cold. This weekend they say it will be like 10 degrees below 0 centigrade. That's acceptable but we've had like 30 below occasionally and that is really too cold for me. I lived in South America (Ecuador) for 5 years and I loved it there but my bad health forced me to return to get treatment.

Looking forward to the next season my friend,
Mats Olsson

Lester Kish sa...

Hi Mats…In my mind I'm trying to make this into a midge cluster.. I like the possibilities…simple is good too! Best regards… Les

The Jassid Man sa...

Hi Les!

Thanks for your comment! I was thinking the same think. This pattern is easy to tie. Much easier than Griffith's Gnat that's imitating a midge cluster. I also this can be taken for many different insects that the trout is taking. Just varying the colors and sizes and you have a variety of insect imitations.

Kind Regards,
Mats Olsson

Matthew Eastham sa...

That is definitely going to work - lovely tying!

The Jassid Man sa...

Hi Matthew!

Thanks! It's a very easy pattern to tie but I think it will be very effective for smutting trout. I'm definitely going to find out this season.

Kind Regards,
Mats Olsson

David Romanillos sa...

Good web and good flies. Congratulations.
(fly fishing & tying)

The Jassid Man sa...

Hi David!

Thanks! Glad you enjoy my blog. Now I'm going to check out your web site.

Kind Regards,
Mats Olsson