lördag 22 december 2012

MY FLY SWAP O F F E R - January 2013


I'm Offering These Two Flies

Red Glimmer Midge (Very Small)

Red Glimmer Midge Pupa (Same Size)

           I'm offering 3 flies of each to anyone interested. Total of 6 flies. Just beware that these flies are very small. Probably tied on the smallest hook that is available today. See picture below.

They are tied on the uppermost hook. An old vintage Mustad gold plated hook.

          The hook at the bottom of the picture is a TMC 518 size #32 which has a much wider hook gap than the one mentioned before but is a little shorter. It can be seen on the picture below.

Here the Mustad hook is inside the TMC #32 on the Mustad box.

          Furthermore I want to mention that this (the hook I've tied on) is a spade hook. It doesn't have an eye but is flatted where the eye usually is. How to attach the leader can be seen in the picture below.

This fly is tied on the same type of hook but is dun color instead of red.

          Just to give a better concept of the size of the flies I'm offering I post this picture below.

 Here there should be almost 50 flies I've already tied.

          Here I have a picture of the hook in question beside a ruler graded in millimeters (c:a 1 mm = a 25:th of an inch).

Two Hooks Lined Up Beside And On A Ruler Graded In Millimeters

         So anyone that want to do a fly swap with me (receiving the flies above; 3 of each of the two) can contact me on this e-mail:  meo@spray.se   and receive their flies. I don't give any specifics of the flies you want to send but I hope that they are ones you like and maybe of your favorites. You can send six different flies (one of each) or what you prefer. I'll send mine ASAP. I can't promise that everyone interested will be accepted since my health prevents me from tying a lot of flies. That will be the only reason for not receiving flies. That will be made clear via e-mail beforehand. So you can see that I've prepared for like 8 persons already and they will be granted with no exception. 

          Finally, if you are interested contact me on the above e-mail and I'll send my flies ASAP. Looking forward to swap flies.

Sincerely yours,
Mats Olsson


PS   When I get your e-mail with an address I'll ship the ones already tied. I have for like 10 packs of flies (2 are taken) after that I'll have to decide if I can tie more of them or not. So the sooner the better.  DS

PPS    4 packs are spoken for at present    DDS

UPDATE ON THE FLY SWAP:  The first flies has arrived to their destiny and just positive comments received so far. Shipping every other day or so and trying to keep up to the demands. Gave some hooks to a fly tying friend but he felt the hooks were insanely small. Let's see if he'll tie some flies on them.

6 kommentarer:

Brk Trt sa...

I'll probably join in after the New Year.
I'll tie the "Red Pickett Pin"

The Jassid Man sa...

Hi Alan!

Sounds nice! If you e-mail me your address now I can send my flies to you tomorrow since I've prepared some flies for immediate shipment.

Your friend in a cold but white country,
Mats Olsson

Midgeman sa...

What small fly guy could pass up this offer? I'll forward my email address and mailing address shortly and mail off some 30s a couple of days after I have your mailing address.
There's nothing I love more than fooling trout with little flies.

The Jassid Man sa...

Hi Midgeman!

Sounds swell! When I get your address I'll send the flies ASAP

Have fun midging,
Mats Olsson

Midgeman sa...

Mats, Your envelope arrived yesterday afternoon, but it didn't do well in it's travels and was basically shredded by someone's postal machine. The post office had been holding it in an attempt to figure out my address as part of it was torn away. End result was I have your address now as at least that survived the and will get some flies in the mail to you.
Rod G

The Jassid Man sa...

Hi Rod!

Did the flies get through! If they didn't I'll send you another set. Please inform me so I can take appropriate action!

Kind greetings,
Mats Olsson