söndag 2 december 2012

Making Fishing with Tiny Flies Easier

Tying the tippet to the fly in the vice

A Jassid size #32 Tied To The Tippet

Same as above but top view

Roll the tippet and put it in a plastic
bag. I put the fly outside the zip lock
to give it some protection.

 I use a 4 foot tippet 10 X (0.08 mm)

After that just store it in a leader
wallet and it's ready to use.

          This is the way I go about with very tiny flies. It's a lot easier to tie the tippet to a leader, especially a furled leader, than to try to tie a very tiny fly on to the tippet. Until next post ...

           Since we have about two feet of snow and 10 degrees below zero centigrade I'll do some fly tying and armchair fishing the next few months. Greetings from a cold Sweden.


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6 kommentarer:

Bigerrfish sa...

I wish someone made a little mini pencil sharpener for tippet...
I guess it takes the same amount of time weather at the bench or at the stream unless the paws are cold.
Good read!

The Jassid Man sa...

Hi Bigerrfish!

Would be good to be able to sharpen the tippets but until then I think I'll do it like this. Thanks for your comment!

Kind greetings,
Mats Olsson

Mark Kautz-Shoreman sa...

Excellent idea. There are times when you just can't get the tippet through the eye when you're out on the river and this solves that problem.

The Jassid Man sa...

Hi Mark!

Nice to hear! Keep on fly fishing!

Kind regards,
Mats Olsson

Midgeman sa...

I totally agree with your process! In fact I usually have one or two extra tippet sections with midges pre-tied in place when I step into the water in the morning.
So much easier than fighting fine tippet and a little wind!
Great post!

The Jassid Man sa...

Hi Midgeman!

Thanks a lot for your comment! I put a 3 or 4 foot tippet on the fly directly at the vice if it's a tiny fly. So that I have a few of the ones I need ready in my leader wallet. That makes me feel prepared for the time when the trout gets going.

Have fun midging,
Mats Olsson