söndag 16 september 2012

Interesting, useful and probably (at least hopefully) successful flies.

Part 2: Trico Fly Pattern inspired by a Vincent Marinaro imitation

Trico with black mole fur as thorax

The same in the vice

Trico with natural mole hair as thorax

Trico on leather to give a better look of the body

          I have modified Vincent Marinaro's favorite fly for trico hatches. In his book "In the ring of the rise" he says the following about the fly in question:
"My favorite pattern for the female spinner is as follows:

Hook: 24

Tails: three fibers of palest blue dun or palest cream hackle. 

Body: two layers of clear white horsehair; start at the center of the shank, wind to the bend, then back to center again.

Thorax: black fur or black Angus wool (wonderful stuff that I collected from a barbed-wire fence).

Hackle: two or three turns of a tiny blue dun or palest cream hackle."

          Well it's quite obvious that I have used some modern material that Vincent didn't have access to. A short tying description of my modified fly would be:

Thread: Uni-Thread Trico 17/0

Hook: Partridge K1A Vince Marinaro Midge Fly Hook size #24

Tails: White microfibbets tied split

Body: White horsehair 1 layer

Thorax: Natural or black fur from mole

Wings: Tiemco Aero Dry Wing or just White Polypropylene

No hackle.

          The thing that I think makes this fly different is the use of white horsehair. I gives the fly a transparent look that I've never experienced before. It is as if light is emitted from within the body. So I do thumbs up for white horsehair.

I was fortunate to obtain horsehair in white, black and brown
          I've just found horsehair at one fly tying shop online (here in Sweden in fact) that currently stock that material. It originates at Veniard. I've tried to convey the translucency that this material gives to a fly in my photos but they don't give a fair look of  it at all. So if you get your hands on some white horsehair give it a try! You won't be disappointed.

Hope you liked the post.
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6 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Beautiful little pattern! I'm sure this little fly will tempt quite a few fish and I love that you've use the horse hair body...

The Jassid Man sa...

Thanks Midgeman! I also think it will prove to be a good fly. Looking forward to test it.

Brk Trt sa...

Nice little flies. They will take trout I'm sure of that.

The Jassid Man sa...

Thanks Alan! I hope I get a chance to try it out the coming season.

Matt Grobert sa...

Very nice, the horse hair abdomen looks great! Matt

The Jassid Man sa...

Thanks! I like it a lot to. Very nice material.