onsdag 22 februari 2012

Master Bamboo Rod Makers Part 1 - Ulf Löfdal From The South of Sweden

This little gem (and the comment from the rod maker as seen in the picture caption) caught my attention when I was looking around at the internet for fly fishing gear. It was some months ago I commented about this rod but for like a week ago I got a reply from the rod maker himself - Ulf Löfdal. So today (yesterday local time to be precise) I decided to contact him and ask about the rod and if I could get his permission to publish his pictures on my blog. I got a positive answer and what I have to do now is to make up a plan to be able to become the owner of this precious little rod just made for fishing tiny flies.

Mentor 6' #3 2 pcs Bamboo Ferrule, Reel seat in spalted beech with Bellinger slide band. This rod casts well over 35 meter.
Isn't it beautiful! I have the permission to publish all his pictures and the rods he make has a range from 14' salmon rods down to this particular rod. The tale of a master rod maker and his rods has just begun. To be continued ...

Have fun with fly tying, fly fishing and inspecting fly fishing gear,

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