torsdag 2 februari 2012

The Incredible Hulk - Swedish Version

Finally I found the fly box containing among other flies the one I call: The Incredible Hulk. The name is naturally coming from a certain Green very known character seen on film. Incredible has a special meaning because, even if this is the final result from a fly I composed many years ago, it attracts large trout and grayling like no wet fly I ever tried. 

I remember a year when I almost exclusively used this pattern and I've never gotten so many big trout as that year. Especially trout from 1+ pound and upwards. I think it was that year that I got my biggest trout ever in my favorite still water and since every trout taken in that water must be put in a logbook (or whatever it's called) where you specify the length, weight and species it seems that it never has been caught a bigger trout  than that one in this water in recent time. 

Although this is certainly not a tiny fly I post it anyway because I've been requested to show it and how it is made so here it is. As you can see this is a used fly and I would estimate that I've taken like 2 dozen trout on this hook since I've been forced to tie the fly or repair it several times. If it's tied properly though it will be just the deer hair part that needs a refinish. A step by step tying description will follow soon since I've been requested to do this.

Have fun and More Info Will Follow,

4 kommentarer:

e.m.b. sa...

Looks great! And I'll be looking forward to the next installment and description!

The Jassid Man sa...

It'll come because I tied another fresh one and documented the steps before I found the old ones lying in a pile of documents that I was going through to find something else.

Have fun making sweet music fly fishing,

Brk Trt sa...

Great looking fly. I have a stream or two where that would be eaten rapidly.

The Jassid Man sa...

Nice that you like it. I've used both in streams and stillwater. The most interest has come from Brown Trout but in Ljusnan I caught a nice grayling that I took home pretty fast to get a nice meal. When I cleaned the fish I found a dragon fly nymph that was still alive. So it might be what the fly was taken for by the fish. I hurried back to where I had taken the grayling and sent the nymph back to the water (it all took like 3 hours and it was still alive). A nymph "as tough as nails".