torsdag 12 januari 2012

THE ROCK - Not Alcatraz but "MY ROCK"

One of the hottest spots of the river Ljusnan close to my home

OK, now I'll climb up on the former mentioned ROCK again. That is what I actually feel - this rock  (not visible in the picture because it's covered with water) and myself are after all these years somewhat connected to each other. The Rainbow trout below took on my own small variant of a very popular fly today although this was quite a while ago. What I want to say is that I feel more satisfied when I catch trout on flies I've composed myself. Many times I've found that a very simple fly to tie in the right size attracts the trout (vary wild trout especially) more than flies with a "lot of whistle and bells" if you catch my drift. When it comes to this particular trout I think, (I don't think that trout can think and it's utterly impossible to get them to tell us why they took that particular fly) or I should say that I guess, (based on a more or less firm foundation of experience) that it was a little life built into the fly making it look like an insect that was about to die that made it take the fly. Anyway a drag free presentation and the size of the fly was of much more importance than which fly I happened to use. It's pretty obvious that I was glad and satisfied with the chain of events. I just look at the picture below, myself, and the same feeling warms my heart. Despite that this took place a pretty long time ago.

From MY Rock: Have fun in your fly fishing and fly tying,

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