fredag 23 december 2011

Another "midgetized" version of an old memorable fly

Another "midgetized" version of an old memorable fly

Current dressing:
Hook: TMC 508 # 26
Thread: Uni Trico 17/0
Tail: 2 Black Microfibbets
Body: Natural Mole
Wing: White Tiemco Aero Dry Wing

          The history about this fly (the original) goes back to the beginning of the 80'ties. I had found a great hole in a small stream which the biggest trout around secured as his own. A big birch tree was hanging out over the stream and there was a little eddie just under it. There the trout was just rising very calmly and sipping whatever came floating his way. I had lost him before when he broke loose around a pole sticking up from the bottom. I guess that the fly, "The Mink", has degraded and vanished where it was put by the trout. A day or two later I was decided to give him another try and I knew that I only had one chance to get him since it was a very wary trout. He would just vanish down his hole for the rest of the day if I made a mistake and spooked him. At the same time I knew that I had to hold him high or he would dive around the pole again. At midday I was crawling on my knees to get as close as possible. I made the cast very cautiously and he went for it. When he was hooked I held him as hard as my leader would afford without breaking. I was able to keep him from diving and got him. A beautiful golden brook trout with black and red spots. I'm sure that he was pretty old since the trout grow very slowly in this stream because of the scarcity of food.

Have fun tying and fishing tiny flies,

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